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Reach the Top of the SERPs

Speak your customer’s language and learn what words they’re using to look for you. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of helping search engines find and understand your website, and increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to this using long-term tactics.

By knowing your customers’ pain points and responding to their questions, SEO has the power to thrust your content to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). We’re at the forefront of SEO technology, and have the tools and techniques to boost your rankings and support you with an optimised marketing strategy.

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SEO Audit

Before getting started, it’s vital to understand what stands in the way of your website’s growth. We’ll perform a comprehensive SEO audit that will show you:

  • How you rank for keywords and what topics you should target
  • How you match up against your competitors
  • What onsite improvements you can make to your customer’s click through journey
  • Any technical issues such as untrustworthy backlinks and broken buttons

From such an in-depth audit, we can offer extensive recommendations on how to create or improve a practical, enlightened strategy.


With Google’s accelerated mobile pages (AMP) project dominating mobile search results globally, many people are adapting their web pages to be AMP-compliant. But this is a challenging task.

Our Site audit features a unique functionality for detecting AMP implementation issues. This can be used as part of your website development process. We also offer on-demand reporting, which shows you if any part of your site isn’t complying with the AMP.

Digital Acquisition

Paid Media

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Social Platforms

Paid media is better known as old-school advertising. You pay a fee to rent a space on a website or search engine. If your industry is competitive, we can help you set up paid advertising as a short-term solution or integrate it within a long-term strategy, to increase traffic to your desired destination. We offer:

  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Social paid advertising
  • Display and affiliate advertising

Directing visitors to your website is pointless if you don’t have anything valuable to offer them. That’s why you need to invest time in making content that’s helpful and relevant to your ideal customers, and host it on the platforms you own. Such platforms and content will include:

  • Emails and newsletters
  • Blog posts
  • eBooks and other downloadable content

You can spread the word of your brand by connecting with websites and publications in your industry. We’ll introduce you to the right people and help nurture your relationships with them. Being featured on third-party sites improves your SEO and makes you look credible and authoritative. We’ll help you get covered through:

  • Community outreach
  • PR coverage
  • Referral links from relevant sites

Sharing your content on social media is a great way of amplifying it, but you shouldn’t be the only one talking about it here. If a customers enjoys your content, they may want to share it with their followers. This will expand your reach even further, so it’s important your content is easily shareable on platforms such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

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Technical SEO

Spending days looking through your website’s code for technical errors is time-consuming and costly. Among other things, our technical SEO audit will help you to find:

  • Broken links
  • Missing tags
  • 404 and other errors

We’ll then ensure every part of your site is working as intended.

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Copy Optimisation

For search engines to recognise your site, you need to show them your content is relevant and helpful. Optimising your existing copy and frequently adding new content are the best ways of doing this. Our methods involve:

  • Identifying and optimising your most relevant content  
  • Creating topic clusters and pillar pages
  • Reviewing old content and increasing its ranking in SERPs

This will show you which topics are drawing the most visitors to your site, and how to link it together so all your pages experience the benefit of increased rankings.

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