Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Reach the Front Page of Google

SEO helps search engines to find, review and list your website content in their results pages for people to find and click on. The more relevant your website and content is to their search query, the higher your website will appear in the results. Our service will help you by making sure your website is relevant, so as to attract new customers and drive traffic to your website.

Good SEO isn’t always about writing new content though. Sometimes, it’s about improving your existing material. Using our tools and techniques, we’ll identify anything that needs fixing - such as broken or missing links - as well as improving your keywords so that your website and content will be found by search engines.

Website review

Website Review

It’s vital to know what stands in the way of your website’s growth. But we understand spending days reviewing your website and looking for technical errors is time-consuming and costly. We’ll perform a comprehensive review that will show you:

  • How your site compares with your competitors’
  • What improvements you can make to your customer’s experience
  • Any technical issues such as broken links

From such an in-depth review, we can offer extensive advice on how to create a website and content strategy to ensure every part of your site is attracting traffic and potential new customers.


Content Review

For search engines to find and promote your site, you need to show them your content is relevant and helpful. Optimising your existing copy and frequently adding new content are the best ways of doing this. Our methods involve:

  • Creating new content that’s relevant and helpful
  • Linking similar content together
  • Reviewing and improving old content to increase its ranking in results pages

This will show you which topics are drawing the most visitors to your site, and how to link it together so all your pages experience the benefit of being found more easily.

SEO Audit

Before getting started, it’s vital to understand what stands in the way of your website’s growth. We’ll perform a comprehensive SEO audit that will show you:

  • How you rank for keywords and what topics you should target
  • How you match up against your competitors
  • What onsite improvements you can make to your customer’s click through journey
  • Any technical issues such as untrustworthy backlinks and broken buttons

From such an in-depth audit, we can offer extensive recommendations on how to create or improve a practical, enlightened strategy.