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How are Emails Inbound Marketing?

Some will tell you that email marketing, along with cold calls and advertising, has been branded as ‘outbound’ and should be banished from your marketing campaigns. We disagree. Email marketing hasn’t been banished; it’s changed to better fit the principles of inbound.

We can help you craft content and place this in a strategy that draws inbound leads to you. We’ll also establish automation procedures that tell your sales team when to get involved with prospects, and generate reports showing your strengths and where there’s room for growth.

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Content Generation

From subject lines that are irresistible to open, body copy that compels your reader to absorb each word and CTAs that reel in the clicks, our writers will take care of all your email content needs. We know what sentences work and how they should be presented to your audience for maximum engagement.

We have a great number of email templates to work with, and these are easily customisable to your brand. Personalisation can make a big difference in open and click rates. We’ll show you when to be more forward with your readers, and to be a little less intense.  

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Email Strategy

You may be looking to increase traffic to your website or blog. Or maybe you’ve got an upcoming event that you want to drive sign-ups for. Whatever it is, B2B email marketing is a great way of drawing attention to your activities and increasing audience conversions.

We can show you how to integrate emails into your marketing campaigns for best results. From choosing the right recipients and picking the best send times, our email strategists will work with you to devise a formula that does nothing but impress. And when readers are impressed, they’re easier to nurture.

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Workflows and Automation

Whether you’re in sales or marketing, we all have an idea of what we want to happen when someone reads our emails. But how do you turn your wishes into something more tangible? That’s where building workflows and using automation comes in. Both of these features let you map out a chain of events that starts with opening your email.

We’ll guide you through the process of workflows and automation. This begins with planning and testing and concludes with launching your desired set up. Once everything’s in place, you can do as the terms suggests: watch your prospects flow in and let the automation do the administration for you.

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Analytics and Reporting

At the end of any email campaign, you’ve got to ask yourself some questions. What went well? What could’ve been better? And how do we improve for next time? With us, you’ll get near instant access to key metrics that come pre-formatted in easy-to-read graphs and charts.

You won’t need to spend any time organising this data. You can download it immediately and share these figures with the important figures in your business. That means you can get on with planning your next campaign faster, using the latest results to inform your decisions.  

Get your emails seen. Get your emails read.

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