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Digital advertising is exactly what it says it is - advertising, but online. Websites, search engines and social media may have changed how advertising looks. But they haven’t changed how or why it works.

Your customers will stop and read an online ad for the same reason they’d stop and read an offline ad: it promises a solution to a challenge they’re facing. Our digital advertising services use the principles that have made advertising effective to attract customers to your business.  

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Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is exactly that, you pay for every click on your advert. These adverts appear in the top results of search engines, making them a lot more visible than normal search results. Giving you an opportunity to put your product in front of customers at exactly the moment they need it, which can dramatically increase your chances of making a sale.

We’ll help you identify your campaign goals and budget, choose words for your ads that your customers are searching with, and track the results. Once you learn which words are performing most effectively, you can make smarter budgeting choices.

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Social Media Advertising

Just like their favourite magazine or newspaper, a customer’s social media feed reflects their interests. Magazines have ads that the publisher believes will interest their reader, so why shouldn’t social media?

After identifying which social platforms your customers are using, we’ll put together a strategy and content plan for the ads you want them to see. As with any other medium, the best social ads demand attention, keep readers interested, appeal to their desires and empower them to act.

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Display & Affiliate Advertising

Display advertising involves getting banner ads on other websites, apps or social media channels. While affiliate advertising is paying a blogger to advertise your product or service on their site. Both can help you to increase brand awareness and sales.

When considering either of these options, you need to think of websites, social platforms and apps that your customers would regularly visit to ensure you get maximum exposure of your ads, to the right target audience. We can help you explore either option.

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