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Your Image is Precious. We Understand.

How your company looks is important to you. We know what it’s like to have a logo you don’t think is quite right. Or colours and imagery that just don’t sit comfortably with you. And it’s important to be happy with this, as it will be what new customers see when they visit your website for the first time.

You need a look that reflects your position in your industry, that you like using, and that makes customers say ‘I get it’. We can help. So take a look at the design and branding services we offer.

Logo design

Logo Design

Done right, a logo can stick in your customer’s memory. A logo which they immediately recognise and associate with your company and brand. Whether it’s a new logo or a tweak to an existing one, we know its importance.

We’ll work with your feelings in mind. We know this is a delicate process, as your logo will appear anywhere your company has a presence. So we’ll design one that you feel pleased to display everywhere!


Website Design

Making a website that’s easy for your customers to use, technically speaking, is one thing. Being happy with how it looks is something else, and can have an impact on how easy it is to use. The wrong colours in the wrong place could easily misdirect your customers.  

So we’ll help you to come up with a look for your website that enhances its technicality. Not only will it function smoothly, but it’ll look great too.  



Whether your branding is new or old, it should appear consistent across your business. Along with being on your website, it should look the same on your letterheads, presentation templates, proposal documents and more. And we can make that happen.

You can use this alongside any of our other design and branding services. Or if you’re happy with how your company looks, we can simply replicate this across all your templates. The choice is yours.

copy optimisation

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are an instruction manual on how to use your branding correctly. They make it clear how your logo, font and brand colours should and shouldn’t be used. So you can feel proud your company is being displayed accurately everywhere.

We’ll work with you on your logo positioning, font choices and colour palettes to ensure you are happy with their display options. Then we’ll create a set of guidelines that detail this, exactly the way you want.

A look to be proud of.


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